Gears of War 4 Multiplayer

Gears of War 4 Title Update Multiplayer Maps

XBox One, Win 10,  UE4, Performance Optimisation


  • Overall performance and memory optimisation
    • Investigation of GPU and CPU captures to find bottlenecks in the pre and base-pass as well as particles and collision complexity
    • Analysis of Mem-Reports and UE4 statistics view to find expensive assets
    • Creation of custom materials to cut down on shader instructions and texture sampler count
  • Work closely with art-team to fix bugs and meet memory and performance budgets while keeping the visual result unchanged
    • Write up findings in documentation and provide possible solutions
    • Guiding artists in optimising draw calls and quad complexity
    • Providing support for any kind of problems regarding tools, the engine or Perforce
  • Created material functions and extended existing materials to meet requirements of artists and art-direction


Ravendown was the second map I worked on, most of the time as the only technical artist. It was a great challenge and I really enjoyed the close interaction with environment art. I learned a lot about writing documentation and tasks as well as finding and fixing bugs so that the map is in its best possible state visually and performance wise.



The first map I have worked on together with the other technical artists who were teaching me the necessary workflows, what to look out for and how to use the tools to investigate performance.