ONRUSH – Multiplayer Teambased Vehicular Combat Racer

Racing, Ego X, PS4, XBox One


  • Performance optimisation and documentation
    • Game quality setting adjustments for 30 fps and 60 fps modes
    • Documentation for shadow, object and world optimisation
  • Python tool development
    • Shader Converter  – To move existing materials to new and optimised shader
    • Tombstone Creator – To create tombstone loot items from a texture to selectable loot in game with a single button press
  • Shader creation and optimisations as well as research and development to improve visual quality while staying within the given budgets
  • Develop new workflows and give artists more time to be creative by removing or automating time consuming and repetitive parts of existing workflows
  • Plastic SCM source control support and integration of exclusive checkouts as Maya tool

Onrush Accolades Trailer:

Digital Foundry – Making Of:


Python Tools:

Tombstone Creator