Student Team Project – Racing Game

Bachelor Team Project – “OffLimits”

Time trial racing game, UnrealEngine4, Prototype


  • Blueprint programming
    • Gameplay
    • Custom vehicle movement
    • User interface functionality
  • VFX for vehicle and environment
  • Vehicle Design

This is the second project I convinced my team to use version control.  I decided to use Perforce as it is integrated into UE4 by default and handles large asset sizes pretty well. As we were a team of artists I had to teach everyone the basic principles of version control and how to apply them using Perforce.


Technical Features:

Custom Vehicle Movement

The custom vehicle movement uses the default UE4 physics and forces. The green arrows/dots show the points at which the forces for the hovering are applied.

Vehicle VFX

The length of this particle effect is directly based on the axis-value of the gamepad triggers.

Volume Manager

A small blueprint I made for our environment artist to be able to change the visibility for all volumes of the same type at the same time.